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My Letter isn't Scarlet, it's Fucking Gold.

Apr 27, 2022

Dawn Davis is a bold, assertive, passionate, queer, femme domme, Confidence Specialist, modeling for others how to take up space unapologetically. Empowering women FOR DECADES to be confident and brave, to say no, to talk about sexuality, sex, and consent (sexual and not). Showing women how strong and powerful they are!...

Apr 20, 2022

Yani Kramer is a Tantric Coach & Bodyworker. And the founder of Pleasure Portal for women.

Since leaving her old life in Amsterdam, she has been on a journey around the world. Activated embodied and channeled wisdom - learning & teaching about sacred sexuality, conscious (open) relating, tantra, kink, taoism, the...

Apr 13, 2022

My name is Charlotte Kaye and I am a life coach, decluttering coach and host of the Cozy and Connected podcast. Through my life coaching services I help women be who they are and do what they want, guilt-free…while smashing the patriarchy and manifesting world peace.

Apr 6, 2022

TJ's pronouns are zhi/zir/zirself and is a first-generation Chinese-American. Zir left behind a corporate project management job in order to deliver more impactful and meaningful work helping small business owners adopt an abundance mindset when it comes to their money. TJ is on track to retire by age 40 and wants...