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My Letter isn't Scarlet, it's Fucking Gold.

Feb 16, 2022

I was on the Desire on Fire Podcast and I'm resharing the episode here :). I share about my personal sexual journey and how my sexuality has evolved over time. Enjoy!

Check out the Desire on Fire podcast here: Apple Podcasts |

Feb 10, 2022

Sex and dating can feel so serious sometimes. It can feel like there's so much pressure/expectation. How can you feel more confident and playful in these situations while also communicating your desires and boundaries?

Feb 3, 2022

I have talked about this concept quite a bit, but it felt really relevant to share about this week. I just got a tattoo with this symbolic meaning and wanted to share my experience and how getting out of my own box has completely transformed my life. Hoping you get something from it as well. xx